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August 05 2011

December 29 2010

by Isabel Quiroga

September 01 2010

Concrete rings bookshelves Kamat & Rozario Architecture in Bangalore, India.

August 31 2010

Amy Hunting: The dogma behind this product is probably quite obvious: what can you do with blocks of wood and cotton rope? Using a knot traditionally used for sailing and fishing, you can pull the strings and the shelf will disassemble. It can easily be put together again. The wood is collected from a local timber importers waste bin in London and consists of over 20 sorts of untreated wood.
Tags: wood shelf

August 30 2010

Magazine shelf by Sean Miller
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Found in Better Homes and Gardens
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Lenin Bookshelf by Beza Projekt

Bookshelves are composed of 50 books of Vladimir Lenin and metal construction. | Półki złożone są z 50 tomów dzieła Włodzimierza Lenina oraz metalowej konstrukcji, na której są zamocowane. Książki można w każdej chwili zdjąć i przeczytać.
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