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August 20 2011

March 08 2011

Maria Westerberg | Re-cycle made of bicycle wheels.
Maria Westerberg | T-shirt Chair made of 40 peoples T-shirts.

February 25 2011

Recycled pairs of jeans with polystyrene balls inside by Atelier Blink

January 21 2011

January 14 2011

Studio Makkink & Bey | Tree Trunk Bench

September 04 2010

Black and White Transit Chair by Boris Bally

September 01 2010

Old rusty galvanized tub repurposed as a ottoman | Katie Thompson
Tags: tub chair ottoman
Wood stool covered in over 500 defect balloons by Natalie Kruch.

August 31 2010

Fleece Chairs by Tom Price

The seat area is created by placing layers of polyester clothing onto a hot steel seat-shaped former. As it heats, the fabric begins to melt, exposing and integrating colours and patterns of the various layers. When cooled the surface is transformed into a rigid, shiny, colourful display of dissolved pattern and colour.
Chair by Amy Hunting. Wood waste and off-cuts were collected from factories in Denmark. Thi chair is made entirely out of the factory waste collected.
Tags: chair wood

August 30 2010

Stanker chair by François Royer
Bath Chair by Reddish Studio
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sitbag cair and ottoman | 2003 | maybe design
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Found in Better Homes and Gardens
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Designed by Antonello Fusè | Resign
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Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos | A la Lata Lounger | Chair made from 1739 recycled aluminum can tabs weaved together with plastic pull ties.
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