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August 20 2011

Tags: dish lamp
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August 05 2011

March 03 2011

by Karina Marusińska
Tags: ceramics jar dish
by Karina Marusińska
Tags: ceramics jar dish
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January 21 2011

January 20 2011

In Stepping Stones, hundreds of inverted pots and pans create a unique topography of used cookware that spreads across the landscape.  Filled with cement and literally anchored into the ground with metal spikes, these common materials of both domestic life and commercial kitchens are transformed by being inserted into a new setting.  When placed outdoors, these incredibly durable objects are no longer subjected to the extreme heat of a stove.  Rather, through their physical interaction with nature and passersby, these metal vessels become active, acoustic surfaces.

by Jean Shin
by Amalia Versaci

September 08 2010

woven plastic bottle vase

September 04 2010

by Boris Bally
Tags: sign dish

August 31 2010

Basketlike bowls by elasticCo studio
by Laurence Brabant
Soap dish made from a recycled Grolsch beer bottle by BigSky
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by Sergio Rodriguez
Tags: bulb dish
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Fruit bowls made out of plastic bottles by Anette Kithier.

August 30 2010

Plate by Grzegorz Cholewiak | television tube
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