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January 15 2013

Tags: glasses lamp
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January 20 2011

20/20 explores the relationship between the body, architecture and our perception of reality. Old prescription eyeglasses were inserted into a wall that faces a window overlooking 23rd Street in Chelsea, New York. As if peering through someone else’s eyes, the viewer can see multiple perspectives of the cityscape through the various lenses. Depending on the prescription, each set of lenses magnifies or diminishes the buildings beyond, and viewers often have to adjust their vision in order to focus. 20/20 engages both the viewer and the outside world, playing with our perception and changing the environment of the gallery.

by Jean Shin
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August 31 2010

Margherita Marchioni | Beasts are better | snail | 2006 | glasses
Margherita Marchioni | Beasts are better | butterfly | 2006 | glasses
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