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January 15 2013

Tags: glasses lamp
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January 11 2013

Tags: spray can lamp
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October 15 2012

Exeter 16-Jar Pendant
Tags: lamp jar glass
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August 20 2011

Tags: lamp
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Tags: dish lamp
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August 05 2011

1222 41dc
Tags: lamp pull tab
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0435 f296
Tags: lamp toy
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March 05 2011

T.O.M.T. | old paper lantern & lots of cocktail umbrellas
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by Tyler Velten

March 03 2011

Broken Glass Jar | Wzorowo
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February 25 2011

February 24 2011

January 21 2011

by Atelier V
Tags: umbrella lamp
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A lighting installation by PS Lab for DOS Architects in London | recycled car headlights, incandescent bulbs, red fabric electric cord

January 20 2011

by Toby Sanders
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